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Freya was their first born child. Marcel is a popular king, who keeps the vampires happy with parties, rewards systems, and the promise of earning a Daylight Ring once they reach his inner circle. Rebekah shares a deep bond with her brother Klaus, and was the only family member that remained loyal to him despite his vicious behaviour. In the next episode, Josh attends Aiden's funeral in the bayou alongside the other werewolves despite the tensions still lingering between the two supernatural groups. After Freya saves the Mikaelson's five years later they manage to rescue Klaus and Marcel agrees to let them live in exchange for the family leaving the city. . Karen Kaia Livers as Agnes, an elder witch and a minor antagonist. Her birth was a result of a deal her mother made with her aunt, Dahlia, who used magic to make the barren Esther able to have children of her own. In return, Shane gives her a flash drive with information about her parents, informing her that they are dead but reassuring her that she can see them again. Marcel turned him soon after. Hayley's whereabouts were unknown until Vaughn – a hunter – reveals to Damon and Rebekah that Katherine got her information about Silas from Hayley when they crossed paths in New Orleans. Hayley heads towards the area while Jane-Anne and Sophie prepare to do a spell on her. Hayley and Klaus have no intention of rekindling what had been a one-night stand, but remain on amiable, if sometimes tense, terms, and Klaus has a tendency to be mildly possessive of Hayley and jealous of her affections for his brother, Elijah. In the last episode of season one, Davina brings Mikael back to life. Hayley also meets Jackson Kenner, another alpha werewolf whom her parents had betrothed her to when she was a baby hoping them to be the future King and Queen of the Crescent Packs. Finn Mikaelson is an original vampire and the older brother of Klaus. Hayley is seen again when Hope goes unconscious later on and it is seen that Hayley is at peace with her parents, other family members and Jackson. However, Bonnie is able to save Shane's life through an "expression", or dark magic spell. Hayley eventually begins a relationship with Elijah towards the end of the season, which is later disrupted by Marcel's quest for revenge over Davina's death. Her work has been featured in multiple literary journals and anthologies. In season 3, Campbell is credited as a series regular from episode 1 to 21. By the end of the series, Davina is back, and she and Kol become engaged. The Originals: What Happened to Kol Mikaelson? It is later found out that Klaus killed his own mother because she cast the spell on him that locked away his werewolf side and that therefore his step-father, Mikael, has been hunting him for centuries. Do you feel unsettled, too? In Chasing The Devil's Tail, Esther asks Finn to bring her Cami and as he doesn't show up, she goes to Cami and puts a spell on her in order to welcome Rebekah in Cami's body. Kol and Rebekah who didn't know about that, tries to convince her to stop the spell, but it's already done. She then reveals herself to Klaus and Elijah and jumps in the body of another witch, Lenore. Rebekah is hurt Marcel never bothered trying to find her and chose power over her love. In a disc shop, she meets Kaleb and begins to bind with him, unaware he's Kol Mikaelson. Elijah convinces his brother to say a proper goodbye and then reveals that he intends to die with Klaus whom he feels has been fully redeemed so that they can go on to whatever comes next together. After an unimaginably tragic event in her family, Camille became a psychology student in order to study human behaviour, in the hopes of proving that people can't just be "evil". In Ashes to Ashes, Esther is resurrected in her original witch body by Davina Claire who thought she was bringing back her boyfriend Kol. While locked up, Rebekah realises that Elena is in transition but hasn't fed on human blood, which she is delighted about because "I get to watch you die all over again." Unfortunately, Klaus has a very low opinion of Rebekah's taste in men and has consistently killed every man Rebekah has ever fallen in love with, and daggered Rebekah into a forced sleep for decades as punishment for trying to leave Klaus. Freya once again showcased her great skill and power in the season three series finale. But he becomes attached to her and hides information from his mother (the return of Mikael). Hayley suggests that they go to keep up the ruse that she is the reason Caroline and Tyler broke up, and Tyler reluctantly agrees. Joshua "Josh" Rosza is a vampire. Camille has an understanding of Klaus's complexity, and is unafraid to call Klaus out on his rash behavior. However, 8 months before the start of the series, she watched her niece, Monique Deveraux, die in The Harvest, a sacrificial ritual that allows the witches in New Orleans to draw power from their ancestors. Later in season two, Rebekah is back with Hope, afraid her mother has found them. When Elijah discovers this, he makes peace with Elena and her friends, because he wants to use Elena as bait to draw out Klaus and kill him. He stated that he only answers to Marcel, and his loyalty to Marcel is so strong that he dared to talk back to Klaus of all people, when he came to him seeking Marcel's whereabouts. Despite now having the ability to not only kill the Originals, but kill them all at once, Marcel Gerard "allows" the Mikaelson family to live in exchange for the city, and Klaus's eternal punishment of being pinned with a dagger that causes continuous pain and walled into the compound. Later in the church, Cami is recovering with Hayley's blood and when Finn is down thanks to Jackson's arrows, she handcuffs him. Despite the fact that he will one day lose her to old age, Marcel accepts her proposal and they set out together to live a new life. Esther ultimately chooses to sacrifice herself to stop Dahlia, allowing Klaus to kill them both. Esther later wakes up and realizes she died with Rebekah's blood in her system, and as Klaus explains it to her she will no longer be a witch and have to choose between being a vampire and hating herself, or letting herself die. Marcel stepped in to break up the fight, but Diego responded in a tone that shows his full loyalty to Klaus' former protege. When another goes for Josh, Aiden calls them off and warns Marcel that they need to be gone when they come back, because he won't call them off next time. Josh and Davina find his body later, which devastates him. Klaus becomes friends with Camille, a human bartender and grad student studying psychology. Davina manages to avoid Josh's surveillance and goes to Kol's secret lair. When Kol is resurrected by Davina so is Finn. Unfortunately, Elijah is also immediately drawn to Hayley herself. From episode 11 to 13, he is not credited and does not appear. Marcel found Thierry Vanchure during World War II. Lucien is the first vampire Klaus turned. Marcel has perhaps an even greater capability for violence, deception, and cruelty than Klaus. After Josh's compulsion is lifted, they laugh over their differing views of "normal" and they are both noticeably sad when Marcel wants Josh to forget her. The Originals, a TV show where vampires, werewolves and witches all occupy New Orleans. He thus makes a deal with Elena that if she helps him kill Klaus, he will leave her friends alone. In the meantime, her powers are too much for her to handle and can result in a disaster if they were to get out of control. Later, Tyler tells Stefan about Hayley and that she helped him and Chris break their sire bonds, also revealing that they plan on unsiring all the hybrids from Klaus. From episode 1 to 13, he is credited as a guest star. Klaus rescued Marcel as a boy, saving him from a whipping and essentially raising Marcel as a welcome and loved part of the Mikaelson family. She reunites with Kol and Rebekah when he brings her the white oak stake and she comes to accept her offer for a new life. However, as she sits in her cell, she listens to Elena and Stefan's heartfelt confessions of regret and love to each other with a conflicted look on her face. During the show some special guest stars from the original "The Vampire Diaries" TV series appeared: The episodes of The Originals that have aired are the source of most of the information in this article. While he is considered the "honorable" one, who always keeps his word and behaves with impeccable decorum in the formal suits he only wears, Elijah is just as brutal as his brother. She was killed by Klaus, but when she is awakened by Bonnie and her mother, she comes up with a plan to kill her children. Take the Mage Tower/Spirit Lodge portal to Warspear. Sabine Laurent is a witch who is possessed by Celeste DuBois. The Originals is an American fantasy-drama television series picked up by The CW for their fall 2013 schedule,[1] after a backdoor pilot for the series aired as an episode of The CW television series The Vampire Diaries in April 2013. His death sent him to the Other Side, a Purgatory-like dimension inhabited by the spirits of supernatural beings, where he remained until escaping. He starts by getting close to the witch Davina, earning her trust and showing her his powers. From episode 17 to 21, she is not credited and does not appear. So she wants to destroy the white oak stake and unable to do it, she allies with Kol to disable it for a moment. He also tends to be domineering, controlling, and smothering to those he considers under his care, and sometimes becomes frustrated and annoyed with Klaus keeping Elijah from what Elijah wants. With the help of Hope, Kol is able to successfully save Davina from 'The Hollow'. He is one of Marcel's top right-hand men as well as out-and-proud homosexual. When they hide in the cabin, Mikael begins to teach how to be stronger the way he taught his sons and hurts her. Marcel successfully subdued and drove out the werewolves using a curse, placates the humans with promises of a low death count and limiting attacks to tourists, and recently came into possession of a super weapon that allows him total control of the witches, banning them from using magic. Since Jeremy needs to kill vampires to complete the map to the cure, they conclude that if they kill Kol, which also kills his whole line of vampires, the map will be complete. He dies surrounded by his family members and the girl he loved. Marcel comes to love Davina and feels extremely protective and proprietary towards her, putting her into his care and under his protection. However, Klaus restores Rebekah to full vitality by removing the stake. In order for her spell to work, she utilised Esther's linking spell, binding each sibling, including herself, to Klaus, while she replicated her aunt Dahlia's immortality slumber spell, (replicated for the first time in over 10 centuries). Entering a deep sleep that lasted a century, she awoke 100 years later where she discovered that her sister, Rebekah, had been imprisoned in the Asylum in the body of a young witch. In season 5, Fontana reprises her role as young Hope as a guest star. In season three, Cami is turned into a vampire by Aurora de Martel (Klaus's ex-girlfriends) out of jealousy; because Aurora is jealous of Klaus's affection towards Camille, Camille was later bitten by Lucien Castle, after he became an Upgraded Original Vampire, also known as the Beast, Klaus, Elijah and Freya try to find a cure for Lucien's venom, they even try to use his blood to cure Camille, only to find out that the Beast's blood cannot cure his own venom. In that fight, he killed roughly twenty four non-original vampires single-handedly, showing his skills as a combatant. As Finn doesn't want to help her, she waits for Esther's spell but is successfully protected by Davina and is still controlling her body. Klaus, lonely and wishing for companionship, requests Marcel remain as his co-ruler, which Marcel happily accepts while plotting with Rebekah to take power back, and rubbing it in Klaus's face that Klaus will never be loved as a king. She was linked to Hayley for a short period of time while Hayley was pregnant. 10. Her parents had met after her mother was captured during a Viking raid, and fell in love before marrying. Finn curses Kol to die in a few days. Klaus treats her as a sort of confidant, and begins to see and unravel some of his destructive patterns. Marcel chose being turned over Rebekah and allowed her to remain in stasis for half a century without rescue. In the modern day, Freya was mentioned by Elijah, when he explained to Elena that his mother and father had seven children, and again by Rebekah, when she told Elena the story about how her family ended up in Mystic Falls. To protect Hope, she volunteers to lure their mother by faking to accept her deal. A minor antagonist and anti-hero in the fourth and fifth seasons of The Vampire Diaries, his character didn't last long, dying at the hands of Jeremy Gilbert. Just as she begins her spell, Rebekah finds out Esther hasn't been telling all the truth and has other plans for her children. After the defeat of the Hollow, Klaus makes amends with Marcel, apologizing for failing Marcel as a father. She is later executed by Freya for giving her over to Dahlia. After toying with them and finding out what she wants, she releases them. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. The same necklace had been given to Elena by Stefan in season one. Alkoya Brunson as Adam Folsom, Maxine's son and a witch. Hayley returns in "The Originals" where in Mystic Falls, Katherine tells Stefan and Damon that Hayley was what they needed to rid Klaus from their lives for good. With him exiting The Vampire Diaries, Kol wouldn't reappear until the spin-off series, The Originals. Elijah is often criticized for always siding with Klaus, and frequently suffers consequences for doing so. Afterwards, she, Klaus, and Elijah agree that the best way to protect Hope is to send her away while they "clean up the mess that [they've] made". Klaus gets led back to New Orleans as Hayley has gone missing; later it has been confirmed that Hope is the cause for the disappearance but she did it so she could see her father. Aubrey DeVaney and Alexa Yeames as Abigail, a witch and a minor antagonist. The Originals are still fond enough of Marcel to be reluctant to kill him, but their reservations for restraint become strained, eventually running out during a battle when Marcel rallies all of the vampires in New Orleans to attack the Mikaelson compound and stop the creation of Moonlight Rings, which would allow the werewolves power. His powers, including his strength and speed will be at their peak in his Werewolf form due to his werewolf heritage. As an adult, Marcel resents being made to feel like a secondary member of the family, and that their abilities will always be greater as Originals. Bonnie later performs a desiccation spell to neutralize him, but he is later staked to death by Alaric. Kol kills Mary, so that she is not able to tell Elena and Damon about the history of her bloodline, which could lead them to find out which Original vampire Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Tyler, and Abby Bennett are descended from, (Mary sired Rose, Katherine Pierce forced Rose to sire her, and Katherine later sired Damon and Stefan; Damon sired Caroline, Abby, and Elena). The following is a list of named characters who appeared in only one episode. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. Later, she discovers the truth about him and allies with the vampires and the werewolves to help them take him down because she feels that he's got a crush on her. Klaus daggered him with the help of Elijah. They were subsequently hunted by Klaus and Elijah for centuries. They make a deal to be allowed immunity from Elijah and the Originals, if they hand over Elena Gilbert, the new Petrova dopplegänger. Josh met Davina after Marcel discovers Klaus' compulsion upon him, he requests Davina to free him in order to work as his spy. In season two, Davina tries to find a way to unlink Marcel's and Josh's destiny to Klaus' so that Mikael can kill him. But what would it take for him to change, for him to live? Nicholas Alexander as Henry Benoit, a werewolf. He is brought back to life by Elijah. Marcel apologizes for his previous betrayal, and grateful for Marcel's interference and newly united against their common enemies, the witches and the werewolves, Klaus extends friendship and the two return to being allies. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Stefan later approaches her where she states she still wishes to find the cure so she can use it on Klaus. Later, after Damon has killed Will, Klaus offers to let Hayley stay anyway. Elijah then works with a witch to locate Elena. Klaus assumes that Tyler and Hayley had a fling, which Hayley does not deny. Trapped in the cycle of an on-again-off-again relationship with Marcel, Rebekah grows increasingly bitter about the control the men in her life (Marcel and her two brothers) have over her. Meanwhile, Klaus is watching in the doorway, furious, unable to help his brother because he has not been invited in. Diego was once a human, who was then turned into a vampire, likely sired by Marcel Gerard. From episode 14 to 22, she is not credited and does not appear. His supernatural and physical attributes aside, Klaus' greatest asset is his sharp intellect. Klaus walks out as she starts crying. He is later seen reunited with Aiden in the afterlife, after having spent 15 years apart. Let us use this moment to reflect upon the past, lest we forget the lessons it teaches us, and doom ourselves to repeat it once more. Just before Hayley miscarried Davina unlinked Sophie and Hayley, allowing Hayley's pregnancy to continue. He's loyal to Marcel and his friends; one of his close friends is Thierry Vanchure. In the episode I Love You, Goodbye Josh finally decides to go public with his romance with Aiden when they both attend Hayley and Jackson's wedding at Marcel's compound when he and Aiden sit side by side. As a child, Marcel was grateful for their intercession, had a slight hero worship for Klaus, and swore he would grow up to marry Rebekah. In the final episode of season one, Davina brings Mikael Mikaelson (father of Originals) back from the dead and tethers him to a bracelet that she controls. She leaves town with baby Hope. Kol è il quinto figlio nato da Esther e Mikael ed è il fratello maggiore di Rebekah Mikaelson e Henrik Mikaelson. Near the end of the season, the four spend more time together and appear to be friends. She was, according to Esther, the apple of Mikael's eye. She attempts to gain some freedom and revenge by fomenting plots of her own with a skill that rivals her brothers', but tends to fail when her desire to be loved undermines her desire to escape her family, and the men in her life show their willingness to go to worse depths than she. Davina convinces Kol to help her rescue a captured Josh. After a few months of peace in the supernatural community in NOLA, troubles started again with the arrival of Lucien Castle, Klaus's first progeny, and his warnings of war between the sire-lines, and so, Freya's enormous magical powers were needed again to protect her family from harm. This meant that all that happened to Sophie also happened to Hayley. They begin to plot their revenge against Klaus, however, before they can make their move, their thought to be dead mother Esther reappears and convinces the siblings to be a family again, which later turns out to be a front for her true motives. In season 5, Hayley begins with just her and her daughter Hope as the end on season 5 the family had to split up due to, if they were to all be in the same room as Hope, Hope would get the Hollow's magic again and it will kill her. Hayley excuses herself to join Tyler and Dean's argument about whether Dean should obey Klaus's order to deal with Connor or not. He is respected by Klaus for showing no fear of him and even standing up to him. Reunited in the afterlife, Esther and Dahlia finally find peace together. Rebekah develops a deep hatred and envy of Elena, and continually tries to hurt, kill, and emotionally distress her, until her brother makes her stop. Still, Klaus refused to turn Marcel until Marcel forced Klaus's hand while dying. Yohance Myles as Joe Dalton, a vampire who owns a music store. Elijah thus at first tries to help Elena and her friends kill Klaus, but ends up saving him instead in the season two finale episode, because Klaus promises to take Elijah to their family (which Elijah had assumed Klaus had hidden their "dead" bodies deep in the ocean) if Elijah spares him. To release his werewolf powers a ritual, in which a werewolf, a vampire and a Petrova doppelgänger have to be sacrificed, has to take place. Guide to World of Warcraft's 13th Anniversary Events, During a series of events, Elijah is temporarily "killed" when Elena stabs him with the dagger that can kill an original. Unfortunately, that leads to Kol being cursed by Finn during the rescue mission. Hayley eavesdrops on a conversation between Tyler and Dean when Caroline shows up and meets Hayley. ... No worries though, Kol finally comes back in his original body. Finally, she was sacrificed for the sake of New Orleans. Rebekah then destroys the last few bags of Elena's blood, preventing him from creating more hybrids. Kol/Kaleb spends most of his time with Davina to get the white oak stake for his mother. Her death is avenged by Klaus. Klaus and Elijah stake each other and die together, taking with them the Hollow. Later, she breaks into Shane's office, and when he arrives she reveals that her deal with Shane was to get him twelve hybrids, unsired from Klaus, in exchange for information about her parents. Freya lived under Dahlia for many years, ostensibly as a member of her coven, but in reality, Freya was more of a slave. Later, April learns from Caroline where Rebekah is and un-daggers her.

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